• What are the whitening foods

    What are the whitening foods? Our daily diet should be reasonable to eat healthy body! But the food also has the effect of whitening skin care! You can try this! Food has a beauty effect! Isn't it simple!

    Asparagus whitening

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    Asparagus is rich in selenium, can resist aging, and can make skin white and tender. And its heat is extremely low, at the same time not let a person become fat while whitening, it is again to want to whiten and want thin beautiful brow of delicious food.

    Broccoli whitening

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    You can't imagine that broccoli can even whiten, but it wasn't too long ago that the person who loved it was the same. Broccoli is extremely nutritious, with protein 3.5g to 4.5g per 100 grams, three times as many as white flowers and four times as much as tomatoes. It also contains A variety of vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin A, which is the holy product of whitening skin, effectively preventing the production of dark spots and freckles. It contains collagen that makes skin moist and smooth.

    Lemon whitening

    Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which has a very powerful function of whitening skin. Autumn whitening skin, beautiful eyebrow can do so. Freshly squeezed lemon juice, put into the refrigerator cold, daily during the morning and evening washs a face, to wash in warm water with a little lemon juice, can have very good skin whitening effect.

    Whitening foods have asparagus whitening, broccoli whitening and lemon are all ok! The normal diet needs to eat these, can make the skin whiter more exquisite ao! In the future, we need to protect our skin and skin care. Meimei's beauty effect will be better!

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