• Above the 8th floor, the longest life

    According to "guangzhou daily", ray, and at the university of Bern in Switzerland and zack and others against the 1.5 million survey found that people who live in more than 8 floor, the probability of early death than people living in the lower 22% lower.

    People live on a few floors longer

    Among them, the chance of dying from lung disease is 40 percent lower and the risk of dying from a severe heart attack is 35 percent lower.

    The researchers believe that people who live in high-rise homes are more likely to walk up and down the stairs than those who live in the lower levels, thus exercising more and thus far away from heart disease.

    According to expert research: "climbing stairs can extend life for 4 seconds."Climbing the stairs is a free and effective workout, with a typical speed of 220 calories per 10 minutes, four times better than walking.

    Climb the stairs to protect the heart!

    Climbing the building itself is a good aerobic exercise, it is high strength, can exercise cardiopulmonary function and lower limb muscle, the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease also has certain benefits.

    Professor hu freshman, a famous cardiovascular expert, also said that in order to prevent the cerebral blood vessels from ossification, the middle-aged and old people need to exercise more, and in various ways of exercise, they have specifically mentioned how to climb the stairs.And wherever there are stairs, as long as the floors are not very high, he always chooses to climb the stairs.

    At every meeting of the American heart association, there is a sign at the top of the stairs that tells the doctor: "don't take the elevator, take the stairs."

    Can you climb the stairs to your knees?

    Climbing the stairs is a good sport, from the point of view of protecting the heart.

    But that doesn't mean that the stairs cadbury, and because in the process of the stairs, the weight of the burden of the knee will instantly increase to a common 4 times the left and right sides, 60 kg climbing upstairs, knee weight up to 240 kg!

    The climbing floor will accelerate the wear and tear of the knee joint, causing knee joint pain, which can lead to knee arthritis, degenerative arthritis and other joint diseases.The same goes for the stairs.

    What?Is that still possible?

    Note that this is not to say that you can't climb the stairs to exercise!

    Experts say people with joint health must pay attention to quantity and method.

    Take 2~3 layers at a time.

    During the course of boarding, you can use your hand to drag the railing or wall to relieve the pressure on your joints.

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    Got it?

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